Who is ReD4NE?

ReD4NE is a community based, not-for-profit, incorporated community alliance. Our organisation was formed in 2021. ReD4NE promotes responsible renewable energy development. It has been developed to provide a regional voice for concerned community and landowners as to what is proving to be an uncontrolled surge of wind and solar project development. ReD4NE is acting as an umbrella group for local communities impacted by large scale renewable energy projects. Red4NE is proposing fair and responsible renewable energy development by accepting its share of projects but not saturation of our region. Our aim is to reduce the number of gigawatts for the REZNE.

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Please make contact with affected land holders or neighbours who share our concerns. 

Ask them: 

1. Not to enter any agreement with Energy Co. at this stage

2. Encourage them to join Red4NE Inc. and their local community groups for communication

 3. With their consent, provide their email address to the above to build support for our response.

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New England Renewable Energy Zone Projects

Proposed and ongoing projects in the New England Renewable Energy Zone (REZ).

How much can this region take?

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Glen Innes Solar Farm

4.5 Megawatts

Developer: Glen Innes Windpower

Glen Innes Wind Farm

25 Wind Turbines

3.6 Megawatts

Developer: Netif Energy

Sapphire Wind /Solar Farm

75 Wind Turbines

270 Megawatts


180  Megawatts

Developer: Squadron Energy

Solar PV Farm (Guyra)
(unsure of exact location)

 4.5 Megawatts

Developer: Providence Asset Group

Tilbuster Solar Farm

152 Megawatts

Developer: Enerpac

Yarrowyck Wind

Limited details (Megawatts)

Developer: EDF Energy

Boorolong Wind Farm

67 Wind Turbines

435 Megawatts

Developer: Squadron Energy

Uralla Renewable Energy Hub

400 Megawatts energy storage system of 2-4 hour duration

Developer: Walcha Energy

Olive Grove Solar Farm

29.9  Megawatts

Developer: Infinergy (Boralex)

Metz Solar Farm

115 Megawatts

Developer: FRV

Oxley Solar Farm

3.85 Million Panels

215 Megawatts

Developer: Oxley Solar Farm

Stringybark Solar Farm

29.9  Megawatts

Developer: Infinergy(Boralex)

Salisbury Wind

Est 60+ Wind Turbines

360 Megawatts

Developer: Cubico

Winterbourne Wind

(project update 1/8/2021) 

119 Wind Turbines 

700 Megawatts

Developers: Vestas, Copenhagen Infrastructure + WalchaWind

Brackendale Wind North

80 Wind Turbines

500 Megawatts

Developer: Walcha Energy

Brackendale Wind South

30 Wind Turbines

200 Megawatts

Developer: Walcha Energy

Tia Windfarm

50 Wind Turbines

300 Megawatts

Developer: Walcha Energy

Salisbury Solar

2.4 Million Panels

700 Megawatts

Developer: Walcha Energy

Thunderbolt Energy Hub

Wind Turbines

380 Megawatts

Est 60 Solar

120 Megawatts

Est 70 Battery

400 Megawatts

Developer: Neoen

Ruby Hills Wind

140 Turbines

860 Megawatts

Developer: Walcha Energy

Ruby Hills Wind

140 Wind Turbines

860 Megawatts

Developer: Walcha Energy

Bendemeer Renewable Energy Hub

Wind Turbines

380 Megawatts


210 Megawatts


200 Megawatts x 2hrs

Developer: Athena: Metis Energy Company

Woolbrook Wind Farm

16 Wind Turbines

100 Megawatts

Developer: Walcha Energy

Dungowan Hydro Battery

300 MegaWatts


Developer: Walcha Energy


Early Days

Wind Turbines and Solar

Developer: Unknown

New England Solar Farm

2.6 Million Panels

720 Megawatts

Battery: 50 x 1hr

Developer: ACEN Australia

Doughboy Wind Farm

52 Wind Turbines

300 Megawatts

Developer: Ark Energy

White Rock Wind Farm

119 Wind Turbines

175 Megawatts

Developer: Goldwind

Sapphire Battery Hub


30 Megawatts

Developer: Squadron Energy

Sundown Solar Farm

Generate 360 Megawatts

Developer: Canadian Solar

Rangoon Wind Farm (N/S)

25 Wind Turbines  

130 Megawatts


100 Megawatts x 4hrs

Developer: Infrastructure Capital Group

This is schematic only and not to scale. Current as of 15th February 2023. Map courtesy of Voice for Walcha


Can you imagine how many vehicles like this will travel on our roads when the construction of renewable energy power stations starts?

Let the discussion between the project developer and the community happen before the construction of the wind or solar projects begin.

An actual photo of a low loader truck carrying a wind turbine propeller followed by numerous escort vehicles entering Maybole Road, Ben Lomond, NSW.

    Trackside view of the solar panels from the train covering the ground North of Uralla.

Update on Renewable Energy Projects in New England

Bendemeer Renewable Energy Plan


Ruby Hills Wind


Salisbury Solar Project

Boorolong Wind

Stack of business papers isolated on white background

Winterbourne Wind:The Community Have Spoken

News & Articles



The Great Dividing Range is mainland Australia’s most productive, biodiverse and substantial topographic feature. It serves as the definitive water shed for the river systems in Eastern Australia, hence the name.



Tesla said it best when they called it an Energy Storage System. That's important. They do not make electricity – they store electricity produced elsewhere, primarily by coal, uranium, natural gas-powered plants...


While we prepare for ‘energy poverty’ in the quest for ‘Net Zero’, it seems odd that we do not take a similar stand...

Stack of business papers isolated on white background

The EIS submission to DPIE for Winterbourne Wind Project has ended on 23rd January 2023

Want to know more about the Winterbourne Wind Project in Walcha?

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